Pokémon Powerbank, Ladda X1

The Ladda X1 is a portable charger for your mobile phone or USB powered equipment.

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Technical specifications - Ladda X1

Input DC 5V - 1A
output 5V - 1A
power 2800 mAh
charges 500 cycles
cable 1 micro USB
cable 2 spiral cord lightning cable
light one red LED indicator
Model no. Ladda X1.02771123

What devices can you charge with a Ladda X1

iPhone 3,4,5,6

The Ladda X1 unit uses your standard iPhone cable, does not matter what model you have. You'll be able to recharge your device 1-2 full times on one Ladda Charge.

Android smartphones

The Ladda X1 unit uses your Android smartphone cable, and you'll be able to recharge your device 1-2 full times on one Ladda Charge, depending on device.

Multiple USB Accessories

The Ladda X1 unit can be used as backup battery for a veriety of products, Why not plug in your GoPro while doing a timelapse, the battery life will increase two fold.

When would it be good to bring a Ladda X1?

On a Daily Commute

Even if you don't commute in a Delorean, when you are commuting, by bus, train or other means, bringing a Ladda X1 means you have more time to play 2048 over and over.

Out on Adventure

If you are on your way on a mountain hike, or just driving through endless miles of dessert. Bringing a Ladda X1 raises your chances of surviving, taking photos and record video.

When Traveling

Jet-setter or Backpacker, what ever your means of traveling are, bringing a Ladda X1 will make your journey more pleasant, and you don't need to spend time hunting wall outlets.

Designed in Sweden

Designed in Sweden

When we create products, we design and build from something that we would like to use ourselves. It's very important for us to look back to our scandinavian design heritage.

Small but Powerful

Comparing the Ladda X1 to everyday objects that you might already been introduced to. It's small and durable but yet packs a good amount of power.

World Class Producers

We collaborate with some of the largest tech corporations in the world, our main components are made by Samsung in South Korea, and assembly is done by Foxconn, same manufacturer as Apple uses.

In the Box

We ship each Ladda X1 with a iPhone lightning cable & a micro-USB cable for charing the device and external units that uses micro-USB.

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