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Ladda puts you in charge.

We are proud to present Ladda X1, an elegant and smooth portable charger for your phone.


After numerous of situations where we found ourselves with the message ”Low battery” on our phone screens we decided to take action.

We started Ladda. We want as many as possible to be able to feel the freedom to go anywhere, for as long as you wish, without the anxiety that your phone will be out of power in exactly the wrong moment.

The name ”Ladda” means ”Charge” in Swedish. And that is exactly what it does. Ladda will charge your phone, GoPro or other gadgets that charges with an USB-port.


Imagine yourself at your best friends wedding, he are going to give an emotional speech and you are about to capture it all on film but you get the message ”Less than 10%” on your phone. Or, what if you are reaching the top of a mountain and you want to send a picture of your achievement to someone, but your phone is dead. No sweat - Just bring your Ladda!


We will tell you stories about moments when Ladda has saved us and others that we’ve met and had the opportunity to help. Do you want to be a part of this? Follow us on Instagram & Facebook.

/ Jennie, Linus & Otis

Publicerad den 25 september 2014
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